March 22, 2022

First time home seller? Avoid these mistakes!

You're in luck if you're selling your property for the first time, as we're indisputably in a seller's market.

However, just because the market favors sellers right now doesn't imply your house sale will be a slam dunk. There are still blunders sellers make along the road, ones that could cost you money or result in the loss of your house.

So, what exactly are the errors?

In a recent article published by, some of the most typical mistakes made by first-time home sellers in today's market were detailed, including:


couple selling their house


Overpricing your home is a bad idea. Although it may be a seller's market, pricing your home too high may deter potential purchasers. Instead, list your home at a slightly lower price than the market data suggests it should sell for; the lower list price will attract more buyers and bids, resulting in a higher sale price.

No Showings

Not allowing potential buyers to view your home. The more potential buyers who see your home, the more offers you'll receive—so if you want to sell your house fast and economically, make it available for as many showings as possible.

Money on my mind

Only thinking about money. Money is a big issue in deciding whether or not to accept an offer, but it's not the only one. Or, to put it another way, the highest offer isn't always the best offer—so evaluate all circumstances when comparing offers (for example, an all-cash offer may be a better alternative than a slightly higher offer with an appraisal condition).

Bottom Line

If you're a first-time seller in today's market, it's critical to understand the most common mistakes sellers make so you can avoid them—and guarantee that your home sale goes as smoothly, promptly, and profitably as possible.

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